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Coventry Spares, Ltd is proud to announce that they have acquired Podtronics®:, the leading manufacturer of Regulator-Rectifiers for British and European vintage motorcycles.

We will continue with the Full Line of AC and DC Regulator-Rectifiers:

POD1-P ........ AC 120 watt Single Phase.
POD1-1-HP ... AC 200 watt Single Phase.
POD3-P ........ AC 260 watt Three Phase.
POD4-1-HP ... AC 200 watt Single Phase Power with built-in capacitor.

CS-4095 ... DC Regulator 6 volt Positive Ground
CS-4096 ... DC Regulator 6 volt Negative Ground

Podtronics Regulators are available from Dealers, and distributors, around the World.


If you have any questions you can contact us at:
Coventry Spares, Ltd by e-mailing Johntioc@aol.com

Podtronics®: is a registered trade mark